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16 de septiembre de 2021 17:00 - Visita el campo base (terraza Bizkaia Aretoa) 18:00 - Charla y proyección del
Ampliado el plazo de inscripción de Think Big hasta el 30 de Septiembre. Si eres una persona emprendedora y tienes
Promovido por la UPV/EHU, la Diputación de Bizkaia y la sociedad foral Beaz, el programa Zitek, de emprendimiento y apoyo

What is Zitek?

ZITEK is the entrepreneurship support programme at the Bizkaia Campus of the UPV/EHU (University of the Basque Country), aimed at all the people who, whilst forming part of our university community, want to create a business or company.

ZITEK is a collaboration project in which the UPV/EHU, the Provincial Government of Bizkaia and BEAZ play active roles.

Who is it aimed at?

The following groups at the UPV/EHU:

  • Students.
  • People who have recently obtained qualifications: degree, master or doctorate.
  • Teaching staff.
  • Research Personnel.
  • Administration and Services Personnel.

What do we do?

We support the creation of innovative companies and/or companies with a technological basis that allow the research results generated at the university to be developed and transferred.

We give advice regarding project validation and contrast, the drawing up of a business plan, obtaining government grants or in the search for associates/investors/collaborators.

We offer spaces: offices or workshops at reduced prices. This involves a physical structure, including services, which will increase your competitive possibilities and survival.

We promote an entrepreneur culture, carrying out activities that contribute to student education in an enterprising spirit, as well as in the search for solutions to society’s current challenges.


Current projects
Years operating

Personas de contacto

  • Noemi Peña, Directora de emprendimiento y transferencia del Campus de Bizkaia de la UPV/EHU.
  • Aitor Isasi, Técnico de emprendimiento del programa Zitek.
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